White-Label Versions of the Platform: 
Available from next year, Sponsorwise will be offering bespoke, white-label versions of the platform customised for your organisation’s internal use. This service is ideal for an association looking to manage their existing sponsor portfolio or for an agency looking to offer their own events to clients using the platform. The pricing for this service is on a case-by-case basis. If you would be interested in this service; contact us here: 

Graphic Design:

At Sponsorwise, we have years of design experience especially when it comes to LED animation and logo design. This is a service that can be offered for an additional rate on top of the acquisition of the LED advertising or sponsorship. If you would be interested in this service; contact us here:


Offered free-of-charge for all platform members, Sponsorwise can offer bespoke consultancy services for both sponsors and associations.

Sponsorwise Platform

The Sponsorwise Platform allows users to navigate sports sponsorship and LED advertising opportunities across the globe. 

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